Goal or Vision? Which is more valuable to entrepreneurs?

Every entrepreneur needs to have a goal. Even more important though is having a vision.

Simply put, vision lights our fire and propels us to make our goals a reality.

In essence, they work together. However, one has more of an emotional pull, and you know that when the emotions are involved, the results are usually better.

Many people use the words ‘goal’ and ‘vision’ interchangeably. But, are they really the same? Wha’s the difference between a goal and a vision?Goal and vision: dream and inspire

A vision is a destination or outcome that you desire to achieve.

A goal is comprised of the steps or path that you take to arrive at the destination or outcome.

Goal vs. Vision

Examples that show the difference:

Goal: A goal may, for example, be to “lose 10 lbs in two months“. That goal is not as effective as a vision designed to have the same outcome.

Vision: The vision is seeing yourself with a toned body and feeling healthy and strong.

You might imagine yourself going for long walks or intermittent jogging on the beach with a sleeveless, low-cut t-shirt in summer and feeling great about yourself. No more flab on your arms that you hide in shirts with sleeves. Tha’s your vision.

Goal: Another example is an entrepreneur whose goal is more time, freedom to take a vacation when she wants to.

Vision: As a woman who owns her own business, you could imagine yourself pouring over vacation plans with a cup of coffee at 10:00 am, or just taking off during the week on an unexpected trip with your spouse or girlfriends, just because you can. You’re no longer bound by someone else’s schedule or someone else telling you what you can do when.

Emotion – a Complex Psychological Phenomenon

Each of these visualizations is accompanied by an emotion.  This emotion is what will lead to the outcomes you’ve set for yourself.

In the following video presentation, you will discover how your visions, the outcomes you desire, and deadlines you set are interconnected. When you combine these with The CEO Approach, you have a winning combination in your life and business.  There will also be a simple exercise close to the end that I encourage you to do.

What vision will you create for yourself to accomplish in the next 90 days?

What goal will you set in order to achieve your vision and outcomes?

If you’re a Woman 50 and Wiser, this is your time.  It’s time to be EXTRAORDINARY. Let’s schedule a time to talk and create a simple Action Plan with The CEO Approach. www.50andWiserCoaching.com/contact.

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Yvonne A Jones
Yvonne A Jones

I am Yvonne A Jones, Business, and Life Coach | Relationship Marketing Strategist.

    8 replies to "Goal or Vision? Which is More Valuable?"

    • This article is on-point! Great job Yvonne!

      • Thanks for reading and leaving a comment, Lei. It’s highly appreciated.

    • Vision is more powerful for me than goals. I actually find goals a turn off and now use intention- for me it is more powerful.
      A vision for me pulls me forward and focus on it daily
      Goals paralyse me

      Think i wrote a post on that once too 🙂

      • Thank you for sharing the way you feel about goals, Suzie. There are probably millions of people who feel the way you do, and this is something I’ll keep in mind when I teach on anything to do with goals. Just the term could be a turn off, or as you said “paralyze” you.

    • I have been thinking recently abut vision and I know how powerful it can be for me…..I want to try and use it more intentionally. Thanks for these thoughts and clarity.

      • You’re welcome, Anita. It’s so very important to have that clarity around the vision so you can determine your path, i.e set the goals to achieve the desired results.

    • Spot on, Yvonne. When I left the corporate world and my guaranteed paycheck, people thought I was foolish to give up a 6 figure salary at such a late stage in life and gave me 6 months to return to a job. But I had a vision of the change that I wanted to create and this vision guides me in creating goals to achieve what I want to.

      • Awesome experience, Vatsala. Thanks for sharing and love how you appeared to have been very clear on the destination.

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