Testimonials for Yvonne A Jones

What clients say...

Sharon Rose Gibson Sharon Rose Gibson, Speaker, Writing Coach

I came to my coaching session with my mind set on the direction I wanted to go.

Yvonne asked me questions in such a good way that she helped me to rethink some aspects of my idea. She ended the conversation with her support for me regardless of what direction I decided to go. This gave a sense of support with the freedom to make my own final decisions.

Yvonne genuinely cares and wanted the best for me. I ended up rethinking my idea and making some changes.

The end result both pleased and surprised me because it was so much better! I recommend her coaching!

Winnie Anderson-Brown Winnie Anderson-Brown, Laughter Yoga Teacher

Dear Yvonne: I am so happy with our session that I will not allow the day to end without letting you know how happy and blessed I feel to have had the privilege of another coaching session with you.

You are an ardent listener who hears what I am not saying which needs to be said. You probe without being intrusive. Your calm pleasant approach makes you easy to talk with. What seemed insurmountable in the short term became manageable and I was able to take action during and after the session to break free from the past and create a new future.

Thank you, Yvonne. You are amazing and inspiring. You bring out the best in me. You are an excellent coach.

"EXCEPTIONAL COACHING with Heart & Content!"

Thank You, Yvonne!

What wonderful Coaching & Virtual Brainstorming... not only with a couple more creative-next-step options, but also with specific suggestions to improve my Unique Essence Branding Services - which will ultimately sharpen my branding's visibility & content. You are truly a GEM. Thanks Again."

~ Gratefully,

Jo Ann Goldsmith, Design Branding Expert