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Why Entrepreneurs Should Have a Mentor [MP3 Audio]

The role of a mentor in business: why is it so important for entrepreneurs to have a mentor or a coach.

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The Role of a Mentor in Business [PDF E-book]

What is Mentoring; Types of Mentors; Why is Mentoring Valuable?; Build Relationships Through Mentoring

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Business Blog Planning Worksheet

Download the FREE "Business Blog Planning Worksheet" by Yvonne A Jones.

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Time Management for Online Marketers [E-book]

Steps to manage how you use time.

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Target Market List-Building Worksheet

In order to deliver email messages that your subscribers will want to open and read, your message must be targeted to your market. It starts with knowing who your target market is.

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Teleclass Recording

Business Building Systems Series Call: interview with Yvonne A Jones.

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2018 Productivity Checklist

Focus on mastering how effectively and efficiently you use your time.

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