Are you of the mindset that relationship marketing online is hard? Allow me please to dispel that myth.

Building Relationships

With the advances in technology, it has never been easier. And the difference in the online methods is that you’re able to build reciprocal relationships almost immediately.

Building relationships online include effectively utilizing tools such as:building relationships via blogging

  • Blogging – on your own site
  • Guest Blogging
  • Podcasting
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Holding webinars and teleseminars
  • Being a Guest on other people’s podcasts and radio shows


The Role of Article Marketing in Relationship Marketing

Although article marketing does not have the immediate result as it did a few years ago, it’s still another way to build relationships, as many publications go to article directories for articles to add to their ezines or newsletters. Because they’re required to include your Bio, that can extend your reach. It can also allow you to reach out to connect with the editors or owners of the blog or online magazine.

As I wrote this post, I decided to Google my name to see if anyone had reprinted one of my articles recently. I found one that I did not know about. Here is the link to the article taken from and I only knew that it was a reprint of my article because the blog owner did the right thing and kept my bio.

The Role of Social Media in Relationship Marketing

social media in relationship marketingSocial Media is a huge component that you should be using in your business. It is a platform in which millions of people use daily. If your business does not have a social media presence, you are losing out in more than one way.

A relationship with your customers is essential if you want to have repeat buyers and the above-mentioned tools provide the opportunity for two-way conversations and receiving feedback from others.

In the past, business owners were always intent on finding the next new customer. Today this has changed and savvy owners are looking for ways to retain their customers.

This can be achieved by having a good online presence, especially on social media. Large companies have created Facebook pages, for example, because it gives them the perfect platform for interacting with their customers.

Facebook pages are all shown in real time. So if a customer writes something good or bad on your page, it shows up as soon as it is written. For you to maintain a good relationship, you want to respond to any messages you receive. This also helps you to create a better customer experience.

There is Value in Social Media Engagement

When using social media, keep in mind that people like to be engaged, they like to share and like posts and they love to leave comments. Comments can be used as feedback; likes can be viewed as positive steps and actions; while shares can be seen as referrals.

Don’t forget to regularly post to your social pages. Keep people up to date with any sales, post helpful information and announce new products as you launch them. Social media proves that communication is a two-way street, and this is why these sites are so popular.

It does take commitment to post to your social pages and to perform relationship marketing. Look for Apps that can help you schedule posts ahead of time, if time is an issue. Remember to always answer questions, ask for feedback and then take action on any feedback received.

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Yvonne A Jones
Yvonne A Jones

I am Yvonne A Jones, Business, and Life Coach | Relationship Marketing Strategist.

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